Job alerts

Would you like to be notified when a new job features on our site that matches what you are looking for? If you would, then there is a very simple way of setting this up. Just read the information below and you can be set up in a couple of minutes. As always, if you have any other questions about this or something else, you can drop us a line via the Get in touch page:    (for Employers FAQs, click here)

Q. What are the benefits of creating email alerts?
A.   You can set up your own email alerts meaning we will send you emails when the type of jobs you are looking for become available. You set the criteria for your email alerts and you can set as many different alerts as you want. The only thing to remember is that the more specific you make the criteria, the less likely a job will match what you are looking for, so don't be too restrictive

Q. Do I have to create an account first to set up email alerts and is it free to do so?
A.  Yes and yes! Yes, you need to create an account as the option to set up alerts sits within your own profile page. Creating an account is very quick, very easy & very free! Simply click here , fill in a few boxes and click the confirmation email when it comes through to you - it's that easy 

Q. So how do I set an email alert up?
A.  Just follow these steps:

1. Once you have created your account, login (it's easiest if you select the "Remember me" option on the login page, then you will automatically be logged in)

2. Go to the Jobs page and work your way down all the 'Filter by' criteria on the left hand side, making selections (where you want to) that match your requirements. Remember though - you don't have to choose somethign for every criteria so don't be too restrictive

3. Once you are happy with your selection, select 'Save alert' at the bottom of the page and give the alert a name

4. All done! Whenever a job matches the criteria you have selected you will receive an email to the address you specified in your account details. You can see a list of your email alerts on your profile page

Q. Once I've set up my email alerts, can I turn them off?
A.  Of course you can. The beauty of everything we do here at Careers For Mums is that it is all geared towards you - you decide if you'd like email alerts and what types, you decide what CVs and Cover Letters you store and you decide which jobs you apply for. To turn off any / all of your email alerts, simply go to your 'My profile' page and remove the alert(s)