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Q. What do the various statuses under 'Approval' mean, with regards to my job posting?
A.  'Pending' - means your job posting is being reviewed by our admin team - we commit to reviewing every posting within 24 hours of receving it;
'Approved' - means your job posting has met our criteria and is now live - you will receive email confirmation of this;
'Rejected' - means your job posting has not met our criteria and is not live. In the instance of a rejection, we will email you to explain why, which gives you the option to resubmit the job having made the necessary alterations

Q. How will I know when my 30 day period is coming to an end?
A.  You will receive an email reminder from our admin team 3 days before your 30 day period is due to expire

Q. Can I extend my job posting to run for a further 30 days after the initial one has expired?
A.  Absolutely. Simply go into the expired job posting in your 'My account' page, select the reuse button and resubmit the job in the same way you did for the initial 30 day period. The process then follows in exactly the same way. You may wish to make some changes the second time to some elements of the posting e.g. the job description - if you do, again make the changes in the same way as you did when you first submitted the posting and then continue as normal

Q. Can I include our company logo within the job description?
A.  Unfortunately not. We reserve the use of company logos only for our partners. If you do include your company logo in the job description, your job posting will be rejected and you will receive notification that this is the reason why

Q. Will I receive a receipt for the jobs that I have posted?
A.  Yes you will. You will receive a receipt from us via our payment partners Stripe 

Q. What if I have made a payment for a job posting, you have rejected it and I don't want to repost it?
A.  In the very rare instance that we cannot reach an amicable solution for you to run your job posting, we will refund your payment via our payment partners Stripe. The payment normally takes 24-48 hours to return to your account 

Q. What will I receive from you when someone applies for one of my jobs?
A.  If a user chooses to apply for your job, you will receive their name, email address and a copy of their CV as the bare minimum. The option to include a Cover Letter and / or a short message is open to the user but neither of those fields are compulsory 

Q. What involvement do you have in the process after a user has applied for my job?
A.  None at all. Our purpose as a business is to ensure that the type of flexible roles that would suit a mum are presented on our website. Once a user submits an application to you for your job, the relationship is entirely between the two of you i.e the user and yourselves. We are not involved any further in any way  

'How to' video tutorials
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